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International distribution

The movie is available in the USA & Canada in the NTSC* standard. Available in physical stores and online through the Bayview Entertainement distributor network.

Subtitles: English only.

The DVD is also available in Australia.


Of course the international edition is still available in our store but only in the PAL* standard.

Subtitles: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, French.

* PAL and NTSC are two video standards with different technical characteristics. (25 frames per second for the first one, 30 frames per second for the second one, different color coding processes...). Each country uses one of the two standards but the current audiovisual equipment is generally able to read both.

VOD is also available in the USA and Canada:

On Bayview intertainment's Vimeo On Demand page

At Amazon prime video

by subscription or pay-per-view

Geographical restrictions apply, these versions are not available in Europe.

To watch the film in VOD outside USA & Canada please visit and choose your language.

In France, following the new government measures that led to the closure of movie theaters, VOD will be available a little later than planned to allow the programming of new screenings as soon as the theaters reopen.

We will communicate as soon as the film is available online, thank you for your patience and understanding.

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